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28 / 03 / 2011

Game updates

Dear players!
Here is the list of recent fixes in server platform.
At this moment, x7 and x3000 servers are updated. In Monday evening remaining server shall be updated too.

Implemented mechanisms:
• Epic boss Freya has been implemented, including the quests associated with it.
• Apart from homepage, all tabs in community board are implemented.
• Nobles teleport has been added, the same we had on The Abyss during Interlude.
• Drop rates of raid bosses are increased from x1 to x3 on x3 server.
• Bonus Package "Professional" and recommend bonuses are working now in a party.
• Auto pick up command has been added in "Professional" package.
• We realized .cfg command which includes:
- Ability to disable the receipt of experience and SP;
- Possibility to turn on low detail which includes
- Disable display of characters, who sit in Private Store;
- Turn off animation while using skills;
- Off NPC display;
- Off drop display;

• Quest No Secrets has been added.
• Quest Threat Removal has been added.
• Quest It Smells Delicious has been added.
• Quest Rumble In The Base has been added.

• Skills Enlightenment Wizard, Enlightenment Healer, Final Secret now replace each other.
• Skill of Prophet / Bishop Berserk Spirit level 1 no longer replaces the effect of Rage of Pa'agrio level 2.
• Shield of Revenge skill chance has been corrected from 40% to 20%.
Rogue Ability skill has been fixed - Critical Chance.
• Lethal effect of skill Banish Seraphim has been fixed.
• Skill Rush impact does not teleport player now if he is gone.
• Skill Rush impact cannot be used if the targed cannot be reached without obstacle.
• Enchant of skill Touch of life - Cost has been fixed..
• Skills Aggression and Aura of Hate will no longer take place if the target is in a position to cast.
• Enchant of skill Focus Power - Power has been fixed.
• Skill Disarm has been fixed (now does not affect the shields).
• Definition of enemy targets on the siege by using the mass skills has been fixed.
• Skill Symphony of Noblesse has been fixed (now it gives m def, but not p def).
• Animation of Celestial effect has been fixed.
Radius and targets count while using spear has been fixed..
Dodge increase for Icarus Dual Daggers - Confusion has been fixed.
• Antharas's earring drop has been fixed.
• Ability to set pvp Vesper Caster - Cleverness (Acumen), Vesper Caster - Cleverness (MP Regeneration), Vesper Caster - Cleverness (Mana Up) has been fixed.
• Numerous forts fixed.
• Summoning pet into textures has been fixed.
Queen ant: the larva is no longer moving, the number of royal guard is 4.
• "Phantoms" monsters are fixed.(appearing invisible barriers in the places of active farm).
• Bug where character would stop moving while walking on long distance, has been fixed.
Stuck of characters, in case of cutting instanced zones has been fixed.
• Definition of doors locks, forts, Olympus stadiums has been completely reconstructed.
• Reward for solo Kamaloka 70 + has been fixed.
• Monsters are now teleported to the place of spawning, when they can not find the path and get stuck in some kind of obstacle.
Soulshot using after the skill use which is followed by auto attack, has been fixed.
Kamaloka 83 has been fixed - stats and aggressive mobs.
• Bugged bosses (no attack) are fixed.
Nobles display rating for the previous period has been fixed.
Status of characters for clan level 11 has been fixed.
Resurrection during the siege has been fixed.
Dialogue with the gatekeeper in Rune has been fixed.
• Ability to cast on own summon has been fixed.
Mount speed has been reduced while running in water.
• Unnecessary message about item miss upon registration of Lords sunset, if it is possible pay with adena has been disabled.
Status update after putting items with augmentation has been added.
• Now the status of members of foreign sieges is not visible (does not apply on TW).
• Siege icon will be removed from the player after the siege of the fort now.
Author Zarja Comments: 0

15 / 03 / 2011

Client update

Client has been updated. Please run auto-updater or download the patch (1.24 Mb) from our site. Contents of the archive should be copied into the game folder.
Author =GM=ExtraDry Comments: 2